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Game looks good. But right now  the terrible english and grammer, make it utterly unplayable

hi, thanks for your comment, I was releasing updates as fast as I can before I go to the university, in future updates I’m going to publish the script to receive help in that part of the game. Once I finish my internship I’m going to work on that 

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I think this game needs some proofreading for English. I'll do it for free if I have the entire script.


 You are Britany, a successful girl who get divorced and now she are having a fight against her ex-husband and other companies who are trying to make her down. Make her new path of life and destroy these people who are trying to make you fall.


My suggestion:

You are Britany, a successful woman, who is fighting against her ex-husband, as well as other people who are trying to take her down. Take control by destroying these people.

(Something along those lines).

thanks ^_^ English is not my main language thats why I used grammarly to correct some issues xD but is not working the best, if you want help me with that I will create a Twitter in some days and pass you the script  from there ^_^ 


Haha, grammarly is an interesting tool but can't replace native language proficiency ;)

haha that's true, is better with a real person and not an automatic bot xD ^_^


Should probably fix your overview as you are not Sam you are  Britany.


ooh thanks for tell me, I think I made a mess cause I change all of it at the end and make a big mess, I'm going to change it now, thanks for the report


doesn't open? or wont open lol

the game don’t open on your pc? 


yeah it wont even open for a second, no pop up, not even anything showing up on the task manager lol

lol that is wierd, you are at windows, mac or linux? 

and try re-download it again

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Seems to be that the windows/linux version is missing many files.  That's why it's 1/6th the size, and it only has 3 images, vs 31 in the mac version.  

I think it's basically crashing at launch from the missing files.  

Ok, I think is the zip file, let me check if I can upload it without zip 


It seems to be a problem with the build of pc, Like you said it was not complete in the zip file, I made a new build and uploaded it, please tell me if it work now. 

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Please tell me you'll include bad endings where Britney gets destroyed and/or pregnant. That's the only thing this game needs.


Thanks for comment, I'm going to put it on my notes for future chapters ^_^ 


incredible :) ty


you welcome ^_^ and ty for your comment